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The Cell Shop Established in 2018, The Cell Shop Mobile Repair Service is a repair and supply company which has increased its position as a leading company in the region with its renewed infrastructure and corporate identity by providing thousands of customers and products in South Africa and its region. Our company is a solution partner for many individuals and organisations in the field of mobile phones, tablets, computers and information systems both individually and as an institutional.

The Cell Shop

The Cell Shop offers products and services to our valued customers under the name of The Cell Shop Mobile Phone Repair, which is our other trademark. Our company, which adopts 100% customer satisfaction as its principle, closely follows today’s technological developments, attaches great importance to infrastructure development and personnel training. With the rapid renewal of today’s technology, the variety of products and services is increasing day by day. Although this development and diversity provides ease of use to the user, it also brings with it many difficulties in terms of technical service. We guarantee that you will live in our company with no problems you may encounter in technical services that do not dominate or are not authorised. As soon as a product or software is on the market, we supply it immediately, do the necessary technical reviews, and provide our staff with the necessary training. For this reason, we can instantly diagnose the problems you are experiencing and produce the solution as soon as possible. We produce the most accurate solution to your problems as soon as possible. We are assertive in this


Cell phones have truly revolutionised the communications field by redefining communications. Initially, these phones were only suited to those who could pay its price as they were extremely expensive. However, today cell phone carriers have been able to reach out to the common person. Cell phones today are consumer electronic devices and are being used by millions of people all over the world. The Cell Shop, plans to take advantage of this opportunity.


The Cell Shop Mobile offers competitive pricing and readily available stock on leading brands. Our sales division has a customer-centric approach and is focused on world-class service delivery. We aim for immediate response to customers’ queries and the fastest turnaround times. The Cell Shop also invests in the latest technology to enable real-time monitoring and tracking of orders. The Cell Shop Mobile Insurance replacements division became fully operational in 2018 and the entire division is now run under the brand. The Cell Shop’s quick quote process means a turnaround on quote requests of no longer than 30 minutes and once a claim has been processed, replacements are delivered to the client within 48 Hours. The Cell Shop offers a full reverse logistics and repair solution. We collect faulty devices or out-the-box failures and ensure they are repaired or replaced according to original equipment manufacturer standards. The reverse logistics division has a dedicated team contingent and can be contacted directly our dedicated hunt line +27748499403


To be the leading hand-set repair and distributor in South Africa We are competitive, we offer pricing that is competitive and fair. We are world-class, we consistently uphold strict quality standards and offer readily available stock. Our partners and clients are proud to be associated with our products and services. We customise our product and service solutions to suit our client and partner needs. We go out of our way to respond to queries immediately and aim to deliver the quickest turnaround times on orders as well as repairs and replacements. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and are driven to be the best. We work hard to grow the success of our business and all our stakeholders.We partner with our clients and see ourselves as an extension of their businesses. The more efficient we are and the more we deliver on our values, the more value our clients can give to their customers.

Gurbinder Singh Nokwal

Managing Director:
Gurjit Singh Nokwal

Senior Technical and Support Manager/ Technician:
Gurmeet Singh

Senior Sales Executive/Marketing & Accounts:
Ashmika Sathram

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